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March 15, 2012
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Bad BreathBad breath, also known as halitosis, is an oral health condition characterized by consistent, foul breath. Frequently unpleasant and often embarrassing, there are easy steps you can take to keep your breath fresh, starting with good oral hygiene.

The main cause of bad breath is odor-causing bacteria which collect on food particles in the mouth. Foods that accumulate between the teeth, around the gums, and on the tongue can decay, causing an unpleasant odor when not properly removed. Other common causes include certain types of food, such as garlic and onions. Tobacco use that causes dry mouth can contribute to breath odor as well.

The easiest way to eliminate bad breath is to exercise good dental hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. Remember to gently brush your tongue. Rinse and gargle thoroughly with a dentist recommended mouthwash to freshen your breath.

While the majority of bad breath is easily treated, chronic bad breath may be a sign of more serious medical disorders and underlying conditions, including gum disease, respiratory infections, diabetes, kidney or liver disease and digestive problems. With that said, if simple steps to fresher breath don't eliminate your problem, visit The Dental Dimensions to determine the cause of your bad breath.

It is important to discover the underlying cause of halitosis, and from there, create a plan to eliminate the problem. Visiting our San Jose office is a good place to start. If your mouth is determined healthy and not originating from your mouth, you may be referred to your family physician to determine the cause of your bad breath and treatment.

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