Receive a $25 gift certificate for each family that you refer...


Automatically enter our raffle to win ...


A Getaway to Monterey!!!!




1. Open to all Dental Dimensions Practice patients and families who are in good standing.
2. Referrals must be cash patients or patients with insurances accepted by the Dental Dimensions.
3. Referral form must be filled out and submitted to the front office.
4. Please remind the referred patients to tell us that you referred them.
5. When the patient you've referred becomes a Dental Dimensions patient, we will mail you a $25 Gift Card (one per family you refer).
6. You will also automatically qualify to participate in the grand prize lottery... Refer as many families as you want... the more you refer, the more gift certificates and the better your chances of being our Grand Prize Winner.
7. At the end of the program, the lucky winner will win a three-day, two-night package to Monterey***.
8. Program begins 7.1.09 and ends 9.31.09

*** Vacation Package includes hotel stay for two in a single room and does not include meals, transport or other incidentals. The Dental Dimensions reserves the right to cancel the program at anytime.

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