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November 05, 2014
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Why is Teeth Extraction Necessary?

If a tooth has been damaged by trauma or decay, your San Jose dentist will try to restore the tooth with a filling, crown or root canal. In many cases, these procedures are successful in saving the tooth, but if enough tooth structure has been destroyed to render the tooth unsalvageable, extracting the tooth may be the only other option. 
Other common reasons for the removal of teeth include:
  • Tooth is very loose
  • Baby teeth or extra teeth in the mouth are blocking other teeth from growing in
  • To make room for orthodontic treatment and the shifting of teeth 
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Teeth have become infected as a result an underlying medical condition that weakens the immune system; medical treatment; or organ transplants
  • Impacted or problematic wisdom teeth 

Types of Extractions

There are two types of extractions performed: simple and surgical.  Simple extractions involve removing a tooth that can be seen in the mouth using a local anesthetic.  Your San Jose dentist will gently loosen the tooth so that it can be removed from the mouth. 
Surgical extractions are used during more complex procedures, such as when a tooth is broken off at the gum line or has not grown into the mouth yet.  Because most surgical extractions involve a small incision in the gum, it is often performed by an oral surgeon and the patient is administered a general anesthesia.
Preserving and saving a patient’s natural tooth is always the main goal for a dentist, but in some cases, it is not always possible. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, a patient has many options for replacing their tooth following extraction including dental implants, dentures and bridges—all of which produce a beautiful, natural smile. 

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