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October 08, 2018
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Establishing good oral care hygiene habits early can help your child avoid cavities, gum diseases, and other problems that can affect their teeth and mouth. Dental pediatricians, Dr. Deepak Shetty, Dr. Kavita Bhatia, and Dr. May Yoneyama of The Dental Dimensions in South San Jose and West San Jose, CA, offer skilled, gentle care for young patients while also providing the services adults need to keep their smiles healthy.

How Can I Help My Child Care for Their Teeth?

When oral hygiene has always been a part of a child's life, they are less likely to complain about brushing or flossing sessions later in their development. In fact, oral care should start even before your child's first tooth appears; a small piece of gauze moistened with water will remove plaque and bacteria while preventing tooth decay from damaging emerging teeth. Once the first tooth appears, gently clean it with a soft, child-sized toothbrush and a dab of toothpaste that's no bigger than a grain of rice.

Brushing both in the morning and evening reduces plaque buildup, a key factor in tooth decay and gum disease. Although the American Dental Association recommends brushing for at least two minutes, convincing your child to brush for 120 seconds may be a little difficult at times. However, toothbrushes that light up, play music, or feature favorite cartoon characters can make brushing less of a chore. If your child is still a reluctant brusher, our South San Jose or West San Jose pediatricians can offer a few more tips and tricks during their next check-up.

Most kids need a little help with oral hygiene or flossing. When your son or daughter is young, you may have to do much of the work. As time goes by, though, they will be able to gradually take over oral hygiene tasks. Most children can handle brushing or flossing on their own when they're about 7, however, you still may want to supervise brushing and flossing sessions.

Also, the food your child eats is a huge factor in keeping both their body and teeth healthy. Water or calcium-rich milk is much better for teeth than sugary fruit juice or soda. Although most kids can't resist candy, cake, and cookies, it's best to offer these as only occasional treats. Snacks like apples, carrots, and celery are healthier choices and help to naturally remove plaque from teeth.

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